Dot Exists since 2009
Dot Build with Visual Studio 2013
Dot as AnyCPU
Dot and the .Net Framework 4.0
Some highlights
TreeListView The TreeListView is a combination of a ListView and a TreeView.
Check The expander can be in every column
Check To use like the build in TreeView and ListView
Check By using CellTemplates the whole view can be changed
The titled items control is the ideal control for arranging user input forms.
All titles and contens are arranged with the same widths and positions.
Check Edit the position and margins of each title by setting one property
Check Edit the same for all contents at once
Check Very easy to use
With the paging control you can show several pages in a specific area with the possibility to scroll through each page with buttons or jump to specific pages.
Check Slide animation available
Check Horizontal or vertical
Check Whole arrangement is changeable
WindowObserver The window observer can be attached to every WPF window to get WinAPI events forwarded as normal C# events.
Check Attachable on each WPF Window
Check Every WinAPI or a bunch of them can be observed
Check Easy to use because of C# events
And more...
EllipsePanel A panel which arranges all child elements in an ellipsed form
NumericUpDown A control where the user can type in only numeric values with a specific range and step with
DynamicTabControl A tab control with add new tab and close tab buttons
EllipsedProgressBar A progress bar in an ellipsed form
Resizer A parent control which allows the user to resize each control
EnhancedListView A list view with build in sortings, column visibility and column widths
SplitButton A button with a drop down
DoubleClickBehavior A behavior to have a command executed if the user doubleclicked any control
ScrollBehavior A behavior to specify where to scroll and when automatically
and still much more