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Dot as AnyCPU
Dot and the .Net Framework 4.0
Some highlights
DelegateCommand The delegate command implements the ICommand and combines it with actions to be executed.
Check Usable with every WPF command
Check Possibility of direct property type casting
Check Or no prameter at all
The observable object is the ideal base object for ViewModels.
Check Property changed with string property names
Check Property changed by using lambda expressions
Check Lightweight
Mediator The mediator implements the mediator pattern on a very generic way.
Check Send and receive messages with parameters between unknown objects
Check Send and receive just objects instead of messages
Check Holds listeners as weak references
Localizer Brings all functionality for an easy translating of WPF applications using resource dictionaries.
Check Possibilities to load translations
Check Format translations with named placeholders
Check Provides a live language switch
And more...
EnhancedObservableCollection An observable collection with all functionalities like a list
ObservableDictionary A dictionary which implements the ICollectionChanged
ThreadedObservableCollection An observable collection which takes care about the threads
WeakAction An action hold as a weak reference
and still much more