Dot Exists since 2012
Dot Enabled automated UI tests from VS 2010 and up no matter which version
Dot Build as AnyCPU
Dot and the .Net Framework 4.0
Dot Supported by the ElementFinder
Dot Easy to use. See Quickstart


Some highlights
UI The UI object contains static objects for searching UI elements in the to test application.
Check It can be defined how to search
Check from which parent element
Check and with which settings
WindowFinder The WindowFinder object contains static objects for searching currently visible Windows, Dialogs or MessageBoxes.
Check Find a window by its title
Check or by the process
Check under specific conditions
Do Execute actions one by one in a "chain-of-actions"
Check Wait a specific time
Check Wait for a CPU idle
Check Append the do on the actions of MousEx or KeyboardEx
BasicElements The basic elements represents every kind of UI elements.
Check Brings basic functionality like IsVisible
Check the specific basic elements has build in properties like items for a BasicList
Check and with "Unsafe" the UI element is changeable without using the mouse
And more...
MouseEx Does mouse actions and returns an object for append a Do
KeyboardEx Does keyboard actions and returns an object for append a Do
ElementFinder A small application for searching for AutomationIDs and other properties
and still much more